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Genealogy of Fala - Ch 3

Genealogy of Fala (ファラの系譜) is a Japanese fanhack of FE4, featuring Alvis as its protagonist. As with most fanhacks, there is no existing translation patch. [personal profile] mark_asphodel was quite interested in this one, and I found some script online, so I decided to give it a whirl. As far as I can tell, it's a work in progress. The last update was at the end of December in 2011, when Chapter 10 was completed. So there's still hope that this will be finished, I'd say.

I'm starting with Chapter 3 for the simple reason that this is the earliest chapter whose script has been transcribed on the site I'm looking at. If there's interest, I'll go back and attempt to find transcriptions of the prologue. (Failing that, I could read from the hack myself, but trust me when I say that'd take several times longer than having a nice typed up transcription.)

All the stuff below the line is translated from the original webpage. This is a rough translation and has not been proofread in the interest of time. It is also very lazy, with nuances noted in when I couldn't quickly think of a good way to phrase it retaining that nuance.

% = Two lines merged into one.
Notes are in brackets, as well as translations that are less literal or mildly speculative.

Genealogy of Fala, 3 )

Game: I sincerely cannot find any hint of authorship in any of the text files or elsewhere during a casual glance on the internet. I'll get back to you with the authorship when I find it. (Click the button partway down the page to download.)
Transcription: A guy who calls himself Gale (ゲイル), but goes by Ex (エクス) in FE fandom.

By the way, if you like this, there's a "like" button ("clap", with the little hands) at the bottom of the original page I've linked to.
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The conversation Mark requested was pretty much intact, but Sylvia's conversations with Alec and Levin in Chapter 5 were translated quite liberally. (Claude's is okay.)

Read more... )
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I present to you...

(Source: Raphi's amazingness.)

Pimp Daddy Levin.

An alternate continuity in which Levin fathered all of the second generation of Jugdral*

If this sounds glorious, it's because it is.

A savestate from the beginning of the second generation, with everyone's* father hacked as Levin.

- Extract the file from the zip.
- The file is a savestate. (I can guarantee you that it works with ZSNES, and the instructions here on will assume you are using that.) Make sure that it has the same name as the FE4 ROM, and put it in the same folder. If you already have a save state from slot 2, you may want to drag it somewhere else to save it.
- Launch ZSNES and load FE4, and then load from save state slot 2.
- Open up the menu in-game and save on the desired file.

- Patty has Holsety. No, she can't use it. If you really want usable Holsety somewhere in the game, I suggest you use one (or all?) of the following cheat codes:
7e3fb34b (Sety's Lightning will become Holsety)
7e3f9b4b (Arthur's Wind will become Holsety)
If you want it on Corpul, I suggest you wait until he reclasses and then alter a fire tome or something.
These cheat codes are finnicky and must be always active in order to have their effect. In my experience, turning them off and on results in the item becoming an iron sword.
- Many of the matrilineally descended kids have stuff in storage, since they assumed the burden of having everything passed down to them.

*Except Celice, Julia, Leaf, and Altenna. This was originally in my designs, but I discovered that these four would end up having the same holy blood anyway, and at the time I didn't feel like swapping around said blood.

Here is an Uber Pimp Daddy Levin save, in which I extrapolated the hypothetical consequences of Levin/Diadora and Levin/Ethlin. (This means Tyrfing and Gae Blog are unusable!) Play at your own risk!

I left Julia alone because you will definitely need Narga if you don't have the Tyrfing, and also because I'm not sure how even Levin could get in a night with Diadora when she's caged in at Barhara, and furthermore produce a Lopt-blooded twin child.

Notes are much the same as before, except that Lakche is holding onto a shitton of stuff in storage, and Celice has Holsety.
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As transcribed and translated from this video by yours truly.

EDIT 10/18/14: A lot of mistakes fixed (like practically one each conversation). Also I can read that kanji that had been eluding me. It was 離.

Prologue, Cuan with Sigurd )

Prologue, Midayle with Azel )

Chapter 1(I think), Alec with Ethlin )

Chapter 1, Noishe with Alec )

Chapter 1, Edain attacks Jamuka )

Chapter 8, Leaf crosses a line )

Chapter 10, Celice defeats the boss (spoiler) )

Some 'Welcome Home' Conversations )

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