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As I'm deleting my tumblr, I decided to archive the ficbits I only posted on Tumblr over here on DW.

Tiki/Say'ri worship )

Magvel Idol )

Lucina/Gerome storm )

Leonard/Edward comfort )

Virion+Maribelle pastries/baked goods )

Inigo/Gerome dancer AU )

Some Knoll Drabble )

Yukiko/Chie, things you said while we were dying )

Chie/Yukiko things you said after it was over )

The following are for an "AUs I won't write" meme, so they are more summary than fic. Still, I liked some of these, so here they are.

Chie/Yukiko, Yukiko is an actual princess AU )

Ike/Soren veterinary clinic AU )

Henry/Olivia artist/muse AU )

Souyo wild west AU )
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So, once upon a time I was going to write a fluffy story with makeouts and a cat, and I decided to compromise over Name Drama: AO3 and its nest of well-established P4 fandomers could get Souji as they were accustomed to, and FFN would get Yu because I like the name better.

But then things snowballed and I ended up taking the story much more seriously than I had anticipated, and before I knew it, I decided that Chapter 4 would just work a lot better with a sex scene.

Except FFN doesn't allow sex scenes.

Which meant that the actual version of this chapter that I had written, the true version of this chapter in my mind, wouldn't actually be posted anywhere.

So I'm posting this chapter here on DW, home of free speech and all that, to rectify the situation.

Chapter 4 )

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