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As I'm deleting my tumblr, I decided to archive the ficbits I only posted on Tumblr over here on DW.

Tiki/Say'ri worship )

Magvel Idol )

Lucina/Gerome storm )

Leonard/Edward comfort )

Virion+Maribelle pastries/baked goods )

Inigo/Gerome dancer AU )

Some Knoll Drabble )

Yukiko/Chie, things you said while we were dying )

Chie/Yukiko things you said after it was over )

The following are for an "AUs I won't write" meme, so they are more summary than fic. Still, I liked some of these, so here they are.

Chie/Yukiko, Yukiko is an actual princess AU )

Ike/Soren veterinary clinic AU )

Henry/Olivia artist/muse AU )

Souyo wild west AU )
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Hunger Hurts (Fire Emblem 10)
Genre: Parody
Word Count: 600
R, borderline NC-17, for sex and dirty jokes not quite worthy of Nabokov.
Summary: They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it's night once more.

Notes: This started from a conversation where various fandom presences such as Mark and Raphi complained about the depth of characters such as Ilyana. Henceforth follows a story addressing such a theme, which not entirely coincidentally clears the entire SNOBS Bingo Board. Complete notes are on LJ.

Hunger Hurts )
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A Terrycloth Mother (Fire Emblem 10)
Genre: Angst/Romance is the best FFN fit, but I really hate having to put a genre on this one.
Word Count: 3700
PG-13 for implied sex, graphic mental not-okay-ness (albeit without self-harm)
Summary: It was Almedha – The truth is only the stone cast into the pond; he is its broken surface. Soren, whole and divided. Soren and Ike, apart and together.

Thanks to [personal profile] blankspectrum for betaing under my intense annoying pressure.

FE Contest / FFN / AO3

Notes )
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Benefits (Fire Emblem 10)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Word Count: ~1400
PG-13 for implied alcohol and some depression.
Summary: Also known as, Ike's Sordid College Days. Or, You're 2000 Miles Away And All I Have Is This Shitty Phone. Ike and Soren get married, Ranulf hints at being a friend with benefits, people freak out and there are college flashbacks. Basically.
Notes: I posted some cracky thoughts to tumblr and got coerced into writing this. FFN mirror here.

By the way, easter egg, 406 is Montana, 805 is San Barbara, and 773 is Chicago. )
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A Tale or Two (Fire Emblem 9/10)
Genre: Experimental/Satire
Word Count: 3000
PG-13 for coarse language and non-explicit gore
Summary: Ike and the shopkeeper: the most famous lovers of Tellius. A portrait through space and time about history, myth, and love.

For [profile] fe_contest's 18th challenge, Love. With thanks to [personal profile] blankspectrum for betaing and art expertise.

Due to formatting restrictions on every other site, this one's only available at Archive of Our Own. (The fact that I'm even saying something like that is a good heads up to the level of pretentiousness going on here.)

Spoilers )
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Inspiration (Fire Emblem 10)
Genre: Humor/Fluff
Word Count: ~600
PG for implied alcohol? Or something.
Summary: In which Micaiah secretly ships it.
Notes: Also known as "That thing writers don't like to admit to doing."

Read more... )
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Coin in Palm (Fire Emblem 9)
Genre: Does social realism count?
Word Count: ~400
PG for unhappy things and unsettling implications.
Summary: Elincia learns that charity and kindness can be complicated indeed.
Notes: An idea I'd had for awhile. The execution came to me all at once tonight. The point is very understated -- I'm thinking it might have to be in order to avoid being heavy-handed. FFN mirror here.

Coin in Palm )
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The Most Offensive Story (Fire Emblem 10, but not really)
Genre: Parody/Drama
Word Count: ~1100
R for graphic everything.
Summary: This free-to-read story will make you angry, or your money back guaranteed.
Notes: If you have any really sensitive triggers, do not read. If you're not offended, you should let me know what offends you so I can fix it.

The Most Offensive Story )
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(The thoughts I had that compelled me to write this drabble will be tomorrow's meta post.)

Disgust (Fire Emblem 9)
Genre: Angst
Word Count: ~600
PG for unhappiness.
Summary: Ike, Soren, and Soren's fears realized. Pre-A Support.

Don't you find me repugnant? )
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I think it's some sort of rite of passage for any Tellius writer interested in Soren to put out a woe-filled childhood fic. It's an idea I've never touched until now, despite being around for ages. That's probably a good thing. I hope I've brought something new to the table.

@ FFN | @ AO3 | notes/outtakes

a visitor at any hour (Fire Emblem 9/10)
Genre: Gen
Word Count: ~6800
PG for bad things happening to a small child and some "dark angst"
Summary: "[T]he sage died two years later ... . At any rate, once I had eaten all of the food in the sage's hovel, I left and walked for days to find help." The boy who was taught nothing of people and nature must learn all too quickly of the world, and the consequences should he fail.

Teacher is always up at sunrise. )
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It's not Ammie unless it's got introspective angst and meta.

Even if it's a derpy fluff fic.

(This segment is considerably less fluffy than the first, but never fear, fluff shall resume at full throttle next part!)

Life Lessons 2 )
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Stupid fluffy 100% gratuitous low fantasy AU with a cheesy title. Small village, Soren is a schoolteacher, Ike is a patrolman, they meet and cute happens.

This all written in one sitting with no editing and the aid of what appears to be my iteration of PMS!Soren. I am ashamed.

Life Lessons - 1 )
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This had a working title of If Tellius Were Mitakihara and I am just about too tired to come up with a better title. It's a serious take on the Tellius/Madoka crossover idea. Strictly speaking it's not a crossover at all. It's completely grounded in Tellius, except conceptually and thematically I tried to get it to follow Homura's progression in Madoka as closely as possible.

It's also slightly over 6000 words, no lie. This ballooned out of control, and I refuse to spend any more time on this with editing. It's adequate for flist consumption, I suppose. Maybe if you want to show this to other people or something I'll set this as public.

EDIT: [ profile] blankspectrum fangirled over it, rest is history.

If Tellius Were Mitakihara (Fire Emblem 10)
Genre: Madoka Tragedy/Romance?
Word Count: ~6000
T for some graphic imagery and fantasy violence
Summary: Homura's arc, but grounded in Tellius. Soren is Homura. To say more would spoil Madoka.

Magical girls without the magical girls. )

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