amielleon: Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening. (Henry: Peachy)
Y'all knew this was gonna happen some day.

That said, I don't think I have that many meta posts about Henry post that I'm proud of, and some of them are lost to, um, the fact that I hardly tag anything on tumblr oops.

So most of this is a translation index.

I. Actual Meta Posts
1. Daddy Henry
a. ... and why it matters.
2. Japanese Orphanages
3. Tiny sad Plegian child sacrifices
a. ... and a follow-up, Torture as a dark mage weeding/creation process
4. Henry's Age
5. Briefly, on the Henry/Ricken supports and why his relationship with Ricken is a first. (Also definitely read the OP's great essay on Henry's callousness in relation to his abuse.)
6. On Henry and sex (For some reason, my most controversial opinion about Henry.)
7. On Henry and self-awareness (in a capslock fangirl screaming post)
8. Henry/Olivia love languages
9. On Henry's internal/external duality and the difficulties of writing him
10. On the belief that Ylisse is weak
11. Henry rationalized as anyone's dad
II. Translational Matters
1. A summary of localization changes to Henry's character
2. Supports
a. Henry/Olivia
b. Henry/Maribelle
c. Henry/Miriel
d. Henry/F!Robin
e. Henry/Panne
f. To-Do List:
i. Henry/Sully
ii. Henry/Cordelia
g. No particular plans to do: (Generally because the localization is relatively accurate and I don't find the details of tone to be particularly important to his character)
i. Henry/Ricken
ii. Henry/Frederick
iii. Henry/Lissa
iv. Henry/Nowi
v. Henry/Tharja
vi. Henry/Cherche (Last lines of S support here)
3. Other Long Conversations
a. Henry/Ricken Harvest Scramble and the tail end of Henry/Kellam Summer Scramble
b. Henry/Libra Summer Scramble
c. Future Past Conversations
i. Henry/Owain
ii. Henry/Inigo
iii. Henry/Nah
iv. Henry/Cynthia
v. Henry/Severa
vi. Henry/Laurent
vii. So that means I haven't done: Brady, Gerome, Yarne, Kjelle, Noire
d. Recruitment
4. Drama CD 2
5. Nintendo Dream Comics
a. Page 1
b. Page 2
c. Commentary Page
6. Misc.
a. Critical Hits
b. Epilogue
c. Robin S support confession (with discussion)
d. Various DLC Battle Quotes
i. Five Anna Firefight
ii. Roster Rescue
iii. Death's Embrace
e. Final Chapter Quotes
f. Shiny Tile Quotes
g. Epilogue, level up quotes, armory quotes, barracks quotes
amielleon: Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening. (Henry: Peachy)
I realized that my previous dismissive reply, while probably self-evident to those who have been involved this discussion since even before the release of Awakening, was probably at best pedantic and at worst meaningless to those who have not. So, because this debate has circulated around in snatches of conversation here and there for quite long enough, I've decided to consolidate this into a writeup once and for all.

Cut for length. )

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