amielleon: Ike from Fire Emblem 10. (Ike: Walk the Line)
This is just one big dry writeup I'm dumping here to reference later in a massive post about Ike's sexuality. (Gascon asked.) I also feel that this will be a useful reference in general when talking about lord romances. Let me know if you have any corrections. (Also, I remember someone at some point wrote a post about bromantic character endings, mentioning the very interesting case of Eirika/Forde. If anyone remembers who wrote that and where, I'd like to link that.)

This writeup assumes basic familiarity with the mechanics of the FE games that were localized into English. There is a relative poverty of links for FE4, because the resources list the script for each (massive) chapter without subdivision and it would be pointless to cite something in FE4 beyond the chapter and participants. You can find the full script here, divided into chapters. In general, you can find most game scripts on serenesforest.

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amielleon: Henry from Fire Emblem: Awakening. (Henry: Peachy)
I realized that my previous dismissive reply, while probably self-evident to those who have been involved this discussion since even before the release of Awakening, was probably at best pedantic and at worst meaningless to those who have not. So, because this debate has circulated around in snatches of conversation here and there for quite long enough, I've decided to consolidate this into a writeup once and for all.

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