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Finishing it up with all the rest of the kids. Part 1 is here.

Length and spoilers. )
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I got tired of running back to fact-check every time I wanted to write about the Bad Timeline. So here's a factsheet on the kids' childhoods, with citations.

Obviously, spoilers ahead.

There's a lot of factchecking I need to do to put this together so I'm going to post it in parts. In this post: Lucina, Morgan, Owain, Inigo, and Brady.

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I don't even ship Henry/Lissa but this may be one of the best things I've seen out of Henry.

(And I've seen almost everything out of Henry! Though I admit that my strong like here is for biased reasons.)

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The doomed timeline DLCs contain unique father-child conversations! Like, they're different for each kid and father!


(you know what's coming up next, right)

(dude there is legit character development in this it makes me really happy okay)

Translated -- Inigo and Henry )
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My bias is obvious, but there's some pretty interesting dark magic stuff in the Ricken one.

The English column is blank for now because they haven't been localized yet. :P

Harvest of Bonds, Henry to Ricken )

Harvest of Bonds, Ricken to Henry )

Summer of Bonds, the ending of Kellam/Henry )

Summer of Bonds, assorted stuff )

Libra/Henry is pretty cool and I will stick that in its own post at some point later.

Also I think that's four public entries in a row with Henry's face adorning it up top, yikes.
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Behold, the most interesting support set that I wish didn't end in marriage, and that apparently no one else cares about. (Neither its original Japanese was ever fan translated at SF, nor is its localization currently transcribed there.) I don't quite have the time to grind up a Henry/Maribelle S in my no-hetero file for the sake of comparison, so I'm leaving the localization column blank until some SF goon slaves away for my convenience. *shot* (FWIW, C support seems to be intact.)

EDIT 4/12/13: Updated with the English.

But really, their supports are all about fear of death and lack thereof. They're wonderful and you should read them. (Don't be misled by C support!)

C )

B )

A )

S )
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% = Some stuff shifted around between this line and the one above it, because Japanese is hard.

C )

B )

A )

S )
2 EDIT 4/27/13: I formerly thought this line was Henry saying that he won't be fooled again and that Olivia was faking the curse, but that was probably incorrect. See discussion here.
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I translated these because I thought they would disambiguate Paris's "descendent of Ike, in a fashion" remark. I was wrong.

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Raphi mentioned that most of the existing fan translations were awkwardly translated from Japanese to Chinese to English. I think that'd do a number to the naturalness of any text. So here's an experiment.

Krom/Female 'Watashi' MyUnit S )

Remarks: The dialogue definitely has a more spontaneous and contemporary feel to it. While the characters of FE were presumably always talking out loud, in 4 through 10 there's a certain elegance and propriety to the script like they'd acknowledged that they're communicating through the construct of face sprites and big boxes of monologue.

FE13 is very different. It depicts a lot more quirks of spontaneous spoken speech, all the stutters and the weird ways particular people stall for time. I wouldn't say it's bad -- I find it kind of fascinating actually -- but it's very different from what I'm used to seeing from FE.

My only other impression is that Krom is kind of a weird overcompensating hand-wringy man-boy. More Tormod than Ike.

... I think I like him.

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