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It's not quite over 9000, but it's close.

If you want to skip the rationale, just read the parts that are bolded.

By the way, this is for peak damage after one battle, ie, after you hit the "Attack" command once.

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I believe I've gone through every bit of text related to Henry in the Japanese by this point. So here's a post I need to get out of the way so it can be used as a reference when I fic him off the Japanese.

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This post is not about designer intent. This post is not about designer intent. This post is not about designer intent. From a designer intent standpoint, the issue can probably be summarized as, "they thought it was lulz and no big deal."

This post is like my post about Ike and the epilogue, an attempt at sensibly reconciling these things in some way that enriches rather than cheapens the universe, for pretentious fic writing purposes or general peace of mind or whatever.

All right. So. Noire's daddy.

Non-graphic talk of child abuse. )
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If I'm completely honest with myself, I probably wouldn't like Henry as much if he were a female character.

This realization prompted a great amount of navel-gazing on my part last night and this morning. In some respects, I'd argue that his appeal hinges on his maleness. Much like a great deal about Sully would be different if she were a man, some parts of Henry's appeal rely on him being male, even though (unlike Ike and Libra) it's not entirely transparent how.

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I've seen some of you guys ([personal profile] rosage, I think?) wtf over the Henry/Sully supports, and as far as pairings go, I don't like it for either of them. But I was thinking about it, and there *is* something pretty unique about this pairing as far as it concerns Henry.
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I was discussing this possibility with [personal profile] mark_asphodel earlier, but I didn't entirely believe in it until I saw a little quote from Jugdral. And then suddenly everything made sense.

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Asking this as a serious question. It's a trickier matter than it first appears to be.

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EDIT: Also I made a Henry icon.
EDIT2: Which is supposed to be slightly warmer-colored than this, holy shit I need to remember to turn off flux. -_- (Ehh I guess this works as a slightly less orange icon.)
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Now that I've played this game (a couple of times...) I better understand the objections of those who claim that same-sex pairings would have been hard to code in. So, here ways I think Kakusei could have handled same-sex pairings, mechanically, with inheritance and the like taken into account.

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So those are my proposals, and after the 3DS is hacked I just wanna say I'd be behind any same-sex patching project 100%.
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Individual lives taken before your eyes weigh more heavily than the many lives taken during the chaos of war. If that life is someone dear, the burden is even worse. It's only human. Isn't that true?
- Pelleas, Radiant Dawn 3-13

Watch out, this is a Ylisse post with copious spoilers. )
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By no means is FE13 as gritty as any of its predecessors, and never have the stakes been lower. Yet I believe the most absurdly happy parts of it -- unlike Michelis's resurrection -- are outside of "Main Canon" and for the purposes of most analyses can be safely ignored.

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IN DEFENSE OF MY HONOR I do have Deep ThoughtsTM about the main storyline and stuff, I just feel like it would be supremely lonesome to meta about them right now while only like two of you have finished the game, so here, have something marginally pointless instead.

Warnings for mild worldbuilding spoilers up to Ch 6, mild obvious plot spoilers up to Ch 13, and non-graphic talk of child abuse.

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