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Jan. 1st, 2020 07:32 pm
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I'm really prickly and I don't often have the desire to make new friends.

You're not missing much. My fanworks are almost all public and I spread my meta freely on relevant posts, public or not. My journal is just filled with largely irrelevant and irreverent remarks on my life.

I guess if you want to be friends anyway we could start with a few conversations. Unless we've already talked a lot, maybe. Ask for my AIM. Comments screened.

ETA: If you're following me here from Tumblr, and we were on pretty good terms there, I'd be happy to add you.

To avoid clutter, important lists are filed under the index tag.
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While helping a friend with a French translation, I noticed that the existing literal translations of FE14's signature song were somewhat haphazard. I think many of those translations were done before we all had a great understanding of the game, and since grammar in poetry can be somewhat loose and open to interpretation, many of those translations involved a copious amount of guesses (unfortunately wrong ones).

In fact, the original song was an incredibly accurate reflection of the events of Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. I think a literal translation of the song is worthwhile just to appreciate that fact. I wrote this up for said French translation friend and figured it would be worth sharing with the wider community.

The Japanese lyrics are copy pasted from this site, and revised to reflect the official lyrics.

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This isn't out in the NoA version yet so the table format is a little bit redundant, but I love this conversation a lot and it isn't too hard to stick it in a table anyway, so why not.

Conversation 1 )

Conversation 2 )
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Just throwing this up here because not much is transcribed on the internet yet. There's some junk from the code but it's serviceable.

From the text dump )
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For the record, I totally understand why they changed this one, since Leo is being pretty shitty here.

Translated slightly less literally than usual, because the tone is the most important part.

Portraits in parentheses. Azura apparently has two smiling portraits, which is why some are (smiling) and others are (smiling 2).

If you want to just read my translation by itself, it's available here (with Japanese names). If you need context, I've dumped NoA's C-A here (which are on the whole accurate except for a few tweaks to the international tension).

S Support )
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General notes:

I produced the translation I used in this comparison with the intent of conveying the tone of the original support. As such, it is less literal than my usual work and I have not taken the same care to match up every last line break. However, despite being less literal, I feel that this is some of my most faithful work.

You can read my translation in full here. For the sake of completion, the more circulated pastebin fan translation is here.

There are several places where the localization inserted lines, sometimes breaking up one stream of text into multiple pieces of an exchange. A "--" means that that particular version had nothing corresponding to that part in the other version.

The stuff in parentheses refers to the portrait being used. If nothing is explicitly marked, it's carrying over the portrait from the previous line. I think if nothing is marked at the top of a support, it uses the neutral portrait, but don't quote me on that.

Also, my parsing script substitutes "Kamui" for the player name placeholder, which is why you see those random alphabetical characters in the Japanese script. I updated it to "Corrin" in the English script and my translation, but I left it as is in the Japanese script to emphasize that it wasn't a deterministic name.

Also, for the record, every single instance of "love" in this is 愛/ai.

C Support )

B Support )

A Support )
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Chapter 18 (Fall in the East, Part 2) contains implied and imagined torture, a prolonged argument, and a reference to child abuse.

If you would like an abridged version of this chapter with some element sparknoted out, just let me know. An anonymous comment on DW or an ask on Tumblr would both be okay forms of contact.
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[personal profile] sollie expressed interest in seeing this.

This was my first attempt at writing Leon/Zero, and I think you can see the beginnings of some ideas that would become folded into "tenderness in winter"/"what you're looking for everywhere else"/"How to Break a Man". It was supposed to be my foray into exploring Leon and Zero, using the idea of Zero's fragmented recollection of his identity interwoven with his present to show how the difference in his past and present life and how Leon plays a role in that.

It really wasn't good.

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So I've been planning an Arvis fic for my first foray into Writing Perspectives That Are Not Somewhat Depressed Highly Empathetic Outsiders--I actually have a coherent storyline in my head and everything and it's great--and this has caused me to spontaneously Velthomer meta while waking up or something.

(It's about something unrelated to the story I'm planning, which is usually how these things work.)

So it's always puzzled me that the late Duke Velthomer's reaction to his wife's infidelity was suicide.

Velthomer spoilers )
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For people who are grumpy about names or whatever.

Instructions! )
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Chapter 16 (Summer in the East) contains aggressively angry language, a graphic depiction of a natural disaster, and on-screen OC death.

If you would like an abridged version of this chapter with some element sparknoted out, just let me know. An anonymous comment on DW or an ask on Tumblr would both be okay forms of contact.
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I'm nursing a headache from work and I'm not in the mood to confront the particular person who brought this idea up this time, which might be as well, because it's not really about one person. I've heard of it popping up all across fandom and I suppose this just happens to be the first time I got to see it myself.

And that idea is this: "I worked very hard on producing these translations and poured my heart and soul into it, so don't you dare use them to make an argument I disapprove of. It's disrespectful, fuck off."

I don't think this is a stance that fandom can ever afford to take. I mean, I'm not going to say that any single person ought not to feel pissed off. You're allowed to feel pissed off about anything at all. But we cannot, as a culture, sanctify translations of official sources and prohibit their reuse.

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ETA: I was informed by a mutual fandom acquaintance of more context about the original post in question and I feel reluctant to make a Big Deal out of it now, so I took down the link on tumblr to this post. But I'm keeping this here in case anyone wants it.

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