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May. 31st, 2018 07:32 pm
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This journal is now defunct. Existing posts have been left as is for informational and archival reasons.

If you're looking for my translations, analyses, or fanfiction, you can find some useful compilations under the index tag.
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I gradually played Persona 5 over the course of a month or two and finished it about a week ago. I liveblogged/ranted about it on Twitter as I went, but figured I'd collect my big picture thoughts in one place.

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I downloaded All About Lily Chou-Chou several years ago because I'd heard it was about a bullied kid who found solace in fandom friendships. Seems topical.

I didn't get around to watching it until recently for some reason or another. In the time since, I'd spoiled myself on the wikipedia page, which sounded awful lot like an extreme load of sexual violence combined with the oldest catfishing story ever told about internet friendships.

But after watching it, I've realized that there's a very big difference between All About Lily Chou-Chou and tales like the documentary Catfish.

See, the usual catfishing narrative relies on the lurid shock value that The Kind Of People You Find On The Internet holds for normal people who do not live on the internet. We, the people who actually do live on the internet, understand that the majority of people we encounter are mentally ill deviants who are probably not terribly good-looking and probably suffer from one or two off-putting habits in the flesh. Knowing this, I think most of us have good intentions to be as honest with each other as our neuroses allow, and only a minority of us engage in true catfishing--and we condemn this behavior amongst ourselves too.

Nonetheless there is one profound difference between a good-faith internet friendship and one formed in the context of a geographic community--and that is that the pretense of your friendship likely lies in the deeper, kinder abstractions of the human experience. You share your pain. You share your happiness. And, since your internet friend only ever knows about your life through the purity of your own perspective, it is rarely complicated by the other person thinking, "Bitch, I can't believe you're complaining about the group leaving you behind on that swimming trip. The whole reason that happened was because you wouldn't stop splashing everyone."

All About Lily Chou-Chou's identity reveal twist isn't about being Fooled By Crazies On The Internet. It is about the pain of discovering that your closest friend, who thinks and hurts so much like yourself, is an enemy in your daily life.

That's something real about the lonely internet nerd experience.

And because of that, I can forgive its flaws in depicting the general human experience. All About Lily Chou-Chou's world is suffused with a bleakness that's too much even for me, and I don't think it quite understands how that bleakness got there.

For instance, near the end, the clueless teacher talks to the protagonist about the plummet in his grades and can only speculate that perhaps it's because he's had difficulty studying. This might be a real moment demonstrating how adults are blind to the cruelty children inflict on each other in their presence, if not for the fact that several of her students have died. Under these circumstances, you can't convince me she wouldn't have a few better guesses as to why some students in her class are failing.

I don't know if you should watch All About Lily Chou-Chou. If you're bad with sexual violence, don't watch All About Lily Chou-Chou. If you dislike extreme bleakness, don't watch All About Lily Chou-Chou. If you're bad with shakycam films, it would probably take you 5 separate sittings like I needed to even get through the film.

But it is one of the only narratives I've ever seen that really captures the feeling of being a loser who lives on the internet.
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This was last touched November 28, 2014. I really don't remember much about what it was supposed to be. I think it was supposed to be about Yosuke trying too hard to fit in with some guys who are actually jerks while the people he loved in his high school years drift away from him, and feeling lost in his own identity because of it.

I wrote 1700 words of it and ultimately gave up because it was too hard for me to write party-loving frat bros. Looking back on it, I agree with that judgment. But it's also interesting to me, because it was my one attempt at writing a kind of person that I understand the least.

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The View from Below (Fire Emblem Fates)
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 780
I guess technically this is M for Niles's dripping cock.

Summary: After an accord granting free passage between their realms, the denizens of the underworld and spirit world gradually acclimate to the new immigrants around them.

Or: The tale of some lesbian girlfriends, some art student boyfriends, and a med student who just wants a bite to eat.

Notes: On twitter I spun the idea of some crazy fic that hit the biases of everyone I talked to about Fates at the time, resulting in this mad ambitious fantasy thing that never got past the first scene with Shura and Niles. Last edited June 20, 2016.

I'm posting it because I figured Boots might want the Shura content.

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Perhaps you are familiar with the series's odd way of measuring time within a day. It does not come up often, and although I thought I saw it in other games, I was only able to search up examples in Radiant Dawn. This is the "mark."

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By the way, if you know other places in the Fire Emblem script that refer to a "mark" as a measurement of time, I'd be interested to have those examples.

12/14/17 - With thanks to Glueblade: The German version rephrases two of these examples ("It won't be long until we get to Kisca" / "We'll rendezvous at Kunu swamp when the sun is above the horizon") and changes "You have half a mark!" to "You have an hour!"
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By the time the NoA version of Fates had come out, I was some 80,000 words deep into Joining of Worlds (to the end of Chapter 18). I had made my decisions regarding character motivations, their overall plotlines, and the shape of the world based on my knowledge of the text, back when canon only existed as the Japanese version of the game which I had played upon release. As such, I decided at that point that it made no sense to go back and somehow revise the story to be in line with the official English language version of the game, because many important parts of the premise had been trampled in localization.

Most people are probably aware of the general ~censorship issue~, but I thought I'd put in one place all the individual changes that greatly affect Joining of Worlds.

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Another commission from harblkun.

I did these translations blind to form my own opinion of the text, and then added in the localization for comparison later. As such, some of the differences you see may just be stylistic differences between myself and Treehouse, so don't take the difference between "Huh...?" and "What...?" too seriously.

By the way, the stage directions for the sprites get kind of complicated here. Half of these are taken from PegasusKnight, and the other half were taken from MiruPage. Neither had all of the sprite movements down.

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Commissioned by harblkun, whose love for FE7 is undying. She wanted to see me (re-)translate some of the FE7 supports, with copious notes for all the things that might've fallen through the cracks.

To that end, I did these translations blind to form my own opinion of the text, and then added in the localization for comparison later. As such, some of the differences you see may just be stylistic differences between myself and Treehouse, so don't take the difference between "Ah, Kent!" and "Ho, if it isn't Kent!" too seriously.

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amielleon: Nasir from Fire Emblem 10. (Nasir: Sorrow)
While helping a friend with a French translation, I noticed that the existing literal translations of FE14's signature song were somewhat haphazard. I think many of those translations were done before we all had a great understanding of the game, and since grammar in poetry can be somewhat loose and open to interpretation, many of those translations involved a copious amount of guesses (unfortunately wrong ones).

In fact, the original song was an incredibly accurate reflection of the events of Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. I think a literal translation of the song is worthwhile just to appreciate that fact. I wrote this up for said French translation friend and figured it would be worth sharing with the wider community.

The Japanese lyrics are copy pasted from this site, and revised to reflect the official lyrics.

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This isn't out in the NoA version yet so the table format is a little bit redundant, but I love this conversation a lot and it isn't too hard to stick it in a table anyway, so why not.

Conversation 1 )

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Just throwing this up here because not much is transcribed on the internet yet. There's some junk from the code but it's serviceable.

From the text dump )
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For the record, I totally understand why they changed this one, since Leo is being pretty shitty here.

Translated slightly less literally than usual, because the tone is the most important part.

Portraits in parentheses. Azura apparently has two smiling portraits, which is why some are (smiling) and others are (smiling 2).

If you want to just read my translation by itself, it's available here (with Japanese names). If you need context, I've dumped NoA's C-A here (which are on the whole accurate except for a few tweaks to the international tension).

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General notes:

I produced the translation I used in this comparison with the intent of conveying the tone of the original support. As such, it is less literal than my usual work and I have not taken the same care to match up every last line break. However, despite being less literal, I feel that this is some of my most faithful work.

You can read my translation in full here. For the sake of completion, the more circulated pastebin fan translation is here.

There are several places where the localization inserted lines, sometimes breaking up one stream of text into multiple pieces of an exchange. A "--" means that that particular version had nothing corresponding to that part in the other version.

The stuff in parentheses refers to the portrait being used. If nothing is explicitly marked, it's carrying over the portrait from the previous line. I think if nothing is marked at the top of a support, it uses the neutral portrait, but don't quote me on that.

Also, my parsing script substitutes "Kamui" for the player name placeholder, which is why you see those random alphabetical characters in the Japanese script. I updated it to "Corrin" in the English script and my translation, but I left it as is in the Japanese script to emphasize that it wasn't a deterministic name.

Also, for the record, every single instance of "love" in this is 愛/ai.

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