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Leon/Aqua S (translation only)

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Leon: Aqua. Would you hear me out about something that's bothering me?

Aqua: (smiling) Leon... Yes, of course, if you would like to tell me.

Leon: (stern) The truth is... I'm scared.

Aqua: (neutral) Scared? What would you say you're afraid of?

Leon: (pained) I'm afraid of being rejected... so I haven't been able to tell someone how I feel.

Aqua: (pained) Leo... That is a feeling I know well. The more powerfully you desire warmth and human connection... it becomes all the more painful when rejection comes.

Leon: (neutral) Yes...

Aqua: (smiling) But if go on afraid of being hurt, you will never connect with anyone. It's all right, Leo. I'm sure you would not be rejected.

Leon: Aqua...

Aqua: (smiling 2) If, by some chance... even if you were to suffer rejection... I would not reject you. I would love you like my mother loved me. Understood?

Leon: (stern) ... (pained) ... I apologize. That was somewhat underhanded of me.

Aqua: (neutral) What do you mean?

Leon: (neutral, blushing) I love you, Aqua.

Aqua: (stern, blushing) What!?

Leon: (stern, blushing) I wanted to tell you how I feel.

Aqua: (pained, blushing) Leon...

Leon: And yet... I made you promise beforehand not to reject me. Now there is no point my confession. I was too afraid of being rejected... and I ended up botching the entire procedure.

Aqua: (smiling 2, blushing) Hee hee. I suppose so. Perhaps that was a little unfair of you. (smiling, blushing) But, either way... I will not reject you.

Leon: (neutral, blushing) Azura...

Aqua: (stern, blushing) I don't care if it's unfair or anything else. I want you to tell me one more time the right way... Because I want to tell you the right way... about how I feel...

Leon: (smiling, blushing) I love you, Aqua. Please, I want you to marry me.

Aqua: ... I accept. May blessings be upon us.