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What? FE4 meta!?

So I've been planning an Arvis fic for my first foray into Writing Perspectives That Are Not Somewhat Depressed Highly Empathetic Outsiders--I actually have a coherent storyline in my head and everything and it's great--and this has caused me to spontaneously Velthomer meta while waking up or something.

(It's about something unrelated to the story I'm planning, which is usually how these things work.)

So it's always puzzled me that the late Duke Velthomer's reaction to his wife's infidelity was suicide.

For reference, here's the conversation expositing upon the Velthomer drama.

Things We Know About Duke Velthomer:

  • Womanizing asshole

  • Everyone knew this fact

  • His kids hate him

Filat would have us believe that the story went like this:

  • Duke Velthomer caught his wife cheating

  • Duke Velthomer flipped his shit and killed himself to spite them

  • Cigyun was so messed up about this that she ran back home

But you know, Duke Velthomer's spite-suicide has never completely made sense to me. Considering that he's an asshole womanizer noble with considerable authority in a society that's clearly misogynist, why doesn't he kill *her* to spite them? Hell, if he's the scheming type (and I prefer a reading where he isn't, because I think that's an interesting potential difference between Arvis and the father he hated) he could use this scandal as leverage to snatch some influence away from Kurth.

I suppose one possible interpretation is that Duke Velthomer had a tortured existence far beyond being a womanizing asshole and Cigyun had meant a great deal to him personally, and her infidelity was the last straw. If we were talking about Latter Day Fire Emblem, this might be the interpretation I'd prefer.

But this is Jugdral. So I like this one:

Duke Velthomer discovers his wife's infidelity while Kurth's visiting.

Duke Velthomer takes her aside and starts beating the shit out of her.

Kurth intervenes, killing Duke Velthomer.

Kurth, Cigyun, and possibly Azel's mom help conspire to stage it as if it were a suicide.

No one in the court really liked Duke Velthomer, so no one looks too closely at the few things that seem a little off.

Cigyun, overcome by paranoia of discovery and the trauma of the whole event (possibly including complex feelings about watching Kurth kill her husband before her eyes), goes back to her isolated home where everything seems less complicated.

Kurth, privately bearing the burden of Duke Velthomer's death and the honorless cover-up thereof, is haunted by Kaga's Sense Of Narrative Morality and produces no heirs and never gets to take the throne.

Eventually, Arvis, Duke Velthomer's rightful son, kills his father's murderer in a conspiracy to further himself, and claims the daughter born of his mother's sins as his own wife.

This is strangely perfect in a Greek tragedy way imo.

(I mean, I guess under Filat's reading you could say that Cigyun and Kurth are haunted by The Sin Of Adultery but that seems like such a low-level offense, whereas The Sin Of Murder is such a classically Greek tragedy reason to be denied life/the throne.)

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That really works for me. Even if I really do think Kurth is supposed to be a sacrificial lamb Too Pure for Jugdral.

I mean, we already know Viktor's shittiness goes past consensual philandering into the rape zone, and he might well be leading a tortured existence in which Cigyun is the last good thing in his world, but... yeah, it works.

Also it reconcile's one account that he hanged himself with another account wherein there was blood on the floor!
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Oh I wondered that as well! I love the idea of there being more to it. But I was reading your post and I was expecting it to be Sigyn killing her husband... I think I kind of like that idea better.
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Hmmm perhaps... but i'm not sure how well son-avenging-father angle fits Alvis, Victor and Kurth.

I think it also works better with Sigyn running away after it, if she felt this guilt.

Although I also like the idea of guilt as motivation to Kurth's celibate lifestyle...
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Aless didn't get very far with his vengeance either :)
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... Shagall had a spawn? That doesn't ring any bell but I may be forgetting something. We don't even go anywhere near Agustria in Gen 2.

I agree, the point is that Aless ends up not blaming Seliph (whether or not Eltoshan was killed by Shagall or Sigurd's army in the end)...