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Greasemonkey Script for Word Replacement

For people who are grumpy about names or whatever.

Step 1) Install this Replace Text On Webpages script.

Step 2) Go to Manage User Scripts...

Step 3) Then, for Replace Text On Webpages, click "Options". In the popup that appears, click "Edit this User Script".

Step 4) Now, you're going to have to provide it the stuff to find-and-replace with. This will mean replacing the part that starts with "var words", extending down a little bit past the bottom line of slashes, with something like the following:

(If you're here for FE14 names, now's the time to pick your poison.)
From Localization to Japanese Names:

From Fan Names to Localization:

So that it looks like this:

PROTIP 1: If you stick to the format with apostrophes instead of quotes as recommended, you can just change the stuff inside the slashes as recommended. But if you use quotes between the slashes and keep that last line that goes '':''};, things will get messed up.

PROTIP 2: If the script doesn't appear to be working, there's a good chance that this is the step where things went wrong.

PROTIP 3: You can add/subtract/modify find-replace patterns at a whim. Just be very careful to stick to the "find" : "replace", format.


Q: But Ammie, why couldn't you modify the script for me so I can install it with one click?
A: Because this script's copyright says you're not allowed to distribute a modified version and I'm too lazy to write my own from scratch when this one was right there.

Q: Why did you go with [name X] for [some character]?
A: Either because it was the clear fan consensus, because it was the name used in the game's internal data, or because it was Ashura and I only know one person who really cares. If you don't agree with it, you can easily change it to suit your own tastes.

Q: Dude, this script is turning Leon into Leonn.
A: It's not the most intelligent thing in the world. You should probably turn it off when reading about the other Fire Emblems (lest FE4!Arthur get mangled into Harold) or when reading something already written with Japanese names.

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wash your mouth out with soap, young lady. usagi would be amazing and would singlehandedly make up for caeldori :P

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counterpoint: bunny jokes are... oh wait, yarne singlehandedly filled intsys's bunny joke quota last game, and it was hell. never mind. carry on

(seriously i get your point and i agree with its neatness, even if my interest is pretty minimal since it's not!gaius)