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Fic Index

My posting habits are all over the place. My fic tends to be posted wherever I think the people who want it will find it. On the other hand, if you want everything I've written, you'll want this index.

This is everything I've written in recent memory, sorted in a way that I think makes sense for people who are looking for things. Almost everything is Fire Emblem until 2014 (with the exception of two Yuletide fics), at which point I got into Rurouni Kenshin and got into the habit of occasionally writing for other fandoms.

This list will be semi-periodically updated.

Italicized titles were posted quietly. Within each section, pieces are listed in chronological order (by first posting). Green is Jugdral, red is Elibe, purple is Magvel, blue is Tellius, cyan is Awakening, grey is Fates. Black is for non-FE. Word counts rounded to the nearest sensible nice number.

I want to give a general blanket warning for all my non-lighthearted writing: swearing and unhappy things (including allusions to suicidal ideation) are extremely common. Harm to children is also pretty common. Titles are separated from their links by a bar (|) if they don't have anything major beyond that, and an (X) if they do. Hover over the X to see additional warnings.

And just one more metric for fun: Fics listed by * are snobby. (An orange asterik makes them even snobbier.) Fics listed by - are not snobby.

Short Stories
(drabbles, one-shots, and highly cohesive multi-parts; stories meant to be read in one sitting)


* (Untitled) | DW
Words: 500 / Summary: Lucius advises patience.
Remarks: A random Raven/Lucius relationship thing.

- Gods' End [AKA If Tellius Were Mitakihara] | DW AO3
Words: 6000 / Summary: A Soren-centric retelling of Radiant Dawn in the spirit of Ep. 10 of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Remarks: The DW posting is the original from 2011. The AO3 version is the mildly polished one from 2012.

* a visitor at any hour | DW FFN AO3
Words: 6800 / Summary: "[T]he sage died two years later ... . At any rate, once I had eaten all of the food in the sage's hovel, I left and walked for days to find help." The boy who was taught nothing of people and nature must learn all too quickly of the world, and the consequences should he fail.
Remarks: My (belated) take on Soren's childhood. Mitakihara wasn't put on FFN at first in part because I wanted this one to be my "debut piece". I was very fond of how this one turned out.

New World | FE_C FFN
Words: 3800 / Summary: A divine messenger brings the Sacred Stones in the Five Heroes' time of need, and spends some time in Latona's company before their final stand against the Demon King. What-If AU.
Remarks: My submission to [profile] fe_contest Round 15, "Crack Pairing." It's sort of a bunch of OCs running around a giant meta dump pretending to be a story. Took second place.

* Disgust | DW
Words: 600 / Summary: Ike, Soren, and Soren's fears realized. Pre-A Support.
Remarks: A remark upon re-empowering cliches.

- There Are Three Ways to be Out in Dodgeball | LJ FFN
Words: 1800 / Summary: High school AU. Team Valni and Team Lagdou have their last face-off of the year. Ephraim intends to win.
Remarks: Co-written with [personal profile] raphiael. Just for fun.

* In Questioning Ghosts | FE_C FFN
Words: 1900 / Summary: Eirika sorts through her feelings toward Lyon in an attempt to persuade the masses. Her story doesn't go as planned.
Remarks: My submission to [profile] fe_contest Round 16, "The Line." As might be expected of a pretentious stylistically experimental piece with a divisive thesis, it did not win (only first place was reported).

- The Most Offensive Story X DW
Words: 1100 / Summary: This free-to-read story will make you angry, or your money back guaranteed.
Remarks: I kept this on my journal because I figured some people might take it personally or something. As for me... I like it a lot.

* Coin in Palm | DW FFN
Words: 400 / Summary: Elincia learns that charity and kindness can be complicated indeed.
Remarks: Social realism through fanfiction, or something. Somewhat dissatisfied with how it turned out.

- Inspiration | DW
Words: 600 / Summary: In which Micaiah secretly ships it.
Remarks: A silly little piece about silly writers doing silly things.


* Ghost Stories | FE_C FFN AO3
Words: 1700 / Summary: A dead man takes in a lost girl while leaving his family behind. All in a day's work.
Remarks: My submission to [profile] fe_contest Round 17, "Laughter." It didn't even place, but I'm very proud of how it turned out.

* A Tale or Two | AO3
Words: 3000 / Summary: Ike and the shopkeeper: the most famous lovers of Tellius. A portrait through space and time about history, myth, and love.
Remarks: My submission to [profile] fe_contest Round 18, "Love." Incredibly pretentious and incredibly silly. AO3 exclusive for formatting reasons. Notes page here. (Didn't win.)

* lucius listens to the rain | DW FFN
Words: 600 / Summary: Cornwell on the brink of change. Lucius thinks this is the nicest place he has ever lived.
Remarks: A gift for [personal profile] raphiael.

- Benefits X DW FFN
Words: 1400 / Summary: Also known as, Ike's Sordid College Days. Or, You're 2000 Miles Away And All I Have Is This Shitty Phone. Ike and Soren get married, Ranulf hints at being a friend with benefits, people freak out and there are college flashbacks. Basically.
Remarks: Crackfic written when I remarked on silly AU thoughts I had while writing the fic right below this one. Tumblr made me do it.

* A Terrycloth Mother X FE_C FFN AO3
Words: 3700 / Summary: It was Almedha – The truth is only the stone cast into the pond; he is its broken surface. Soren, whole and divided. Soren and Ike, apart and together.
Remarks: My submission to [profile] fe_contest Round 21, "Unity and division." It's relationship fic about Soren's issues. Notes page here.

* Hunger Hurts X DW
Words: 600 / Summary: They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it's night once more.
Remarks: A story composed to hit every square of the SNOBS Bingo board. So basically, Ammie trolling fandom. Again. Oh, also, it's Soren/Ilyana.

- In the City | FE_C FFN
Words: 500 / Summary: "Home is where I want to be but I've been torn / from out its pages for a need to be reborn." Mark/Lyn, AU.
Remarks: Yet another silly tacticianfic subversion, this time revolving around the reincarnation destiny thing. Somehow won first place in [profile] fe_contest challenge 22, "Town Life".

- things we must learn of each other | AO3
Words: 2300 / Summary: Seregil and Alec find themselves some breakfast, enjoy life together, and try to decide what to do with themselves. Takes place about half a year after book 2.
Remarks: (Nightrunner fandom) My Yuletide 2012 gift for SaharraShadow. It's only on AO3 because I feel kind of weird writing fic for Flewelling books and the least I can do is not throw it around everywhere.


* Bodies in the Earth | FFN
Words: 250 / Summary: The night before they leave for their mission, Owain tries to form a pact.
Remarks: A little alpha timeline drabble with Owain and Inigo being very serious about terrible truths.

* A Course Altered | FFN AO3
Words: 1650 / Summary: Their world is doomed, but sometimes their struggles amount to something after all. Henry, Severa, and parenthood.
Remarks: A story I wrote in a few hours one morning while overflowing with feelings about Henry being a good dad, and wanting to write an idea that didn't belong in another WIP (Love is Blind). I wrote it very quickly but I'm fond of the result.

- In which Gerome is a terrible boyfriend | FFN AO3
Words: 1550 / Summary: Silly Modern AU fluffy banter. Almost hurt/comfort except Gerome doesn't comfort. Inigo/Gerome plus Minerva, life being a dick, and panhandling (with a p).
Remarks: Part of Broadbandverse. Dumb fluffy slash.

- if only bad dreams were so fleeting X FFN AO3
Words: 1000 / Summary: Inigo is slow to adjust to sleeping by himself, and everything about this situation mixes poorly with Henry being himself. Something like that.
Remarks: Part of Broadbandverse. Sappy family fluff.

* The Fourteenth Time X FFN
Words: 200 / Summary: Lehran is inconsolable. Dheginsea's no-nonsense approach doesn't work here.
Remarks: I was talking to Lily about how Dheginsea seemed like the type to yell about BOOTSTRAPS. So I wrote this.

* Voicelessly X FFN
Words: 500 / Summary: Henry as a child - from the outside.
Remarks: I wrote this pretty fast but... my thoughts on this one are pretty complicated. Notes here.

- Vessel X FFN AO3
Words: 7500 / Summary: or, The Tragedy of Morgan (A Tale in Two Acts). Robin/Inigo. This is the future that Morgan comes from: the stage for a forgotten tale of heroism, brilliance, and one last betrayal.
Remarks: Written in one weekend after being suddenly struck by inspiration. Assorted thoughts here.

- Healers | Tumblr
Words: 800 / Summary: N/A
Remarks: Shamefully platonic and possibly cliche Owain/Brady for aviva0017. Something something platonic hurt/comfort.

Love is Blind X AO3
Words: 14500 / Summary: Olivia and Henry get married and (eventually) have sex while Inigo and Maribelle are nosy fangirls. But things aren't so simple in what should have been their happily-ever-after. Maybe they've been expecting the wrong things all along.
Remarks: Yaaay OTP pairingfic. My big project of the first half of 2013. Notes here.

Next | FFN AO3
Words: 1700 / Summary: Tomorrow Owain could find himself in charge of their army. Today Inigo's just trying to keep him happy.
Remarks: Birthday gift for Lily.

- The Thing about Birthdays | FFN
Words: 1900 / Summary: On the day the roster is stolen, Gaius (randomly?) gives Henry a cupcake. Ricken has a theory: it's a Ylissean holiday just for him, or something like that. What a strange world this is.
Remarks: Spontaneously slapped together birthday fic for Henry.

* End of the Road | AO3
Words: 3800 / Summary: The game begins anew, and the duelists compete to install a new Rose Bride. Saionji flounders about trying to find his place in life.
Remarks: Revolutionary Girl Utena fic, for Yuletide 2013. I promptly orphaned it before the reveal because I was embarrassed about missing my recip's tastes so horribly. In hindsight it's not all that bad and as a rare example of something I wrote that isn't FE fic I should probably list it here. If you are my recip: I am so sorry.


* Some Mothers | FFN AO3
Words: 800 / Summary: Some mothers are warm, some mothers are not. Some mothers to Soujirou.
Remarks: (Rurouni Kenshin fandom) Impulsively written slightly brooding fic about sad Soujirou.

- State Home for Dogs | FFN AO3
Words: 3300 / Summary: Modern AU. In which Henry volunteers at an animal shelter, and stays with his favorite dog the night before she's to be put down. Also featuring Libra, the sweetest social worker on the planet.
Remarks: The most saccharine thing I have ever written. It's mostly schmoopy fic with a dog. Maybe with a hint of Henry character interpretation type stuff.

An Old Starship | AO3
Words: 800 / Summary: builder says she'll die in the cold.
Remarks: (A Dark Room fandom) I have never written from 0th-perspective. I have never copied so liberally from canon before in my life. This fic was a lot of new things for me, but I hope they work because there was one aspect of the game I really couldn’t get over and I want everyone else to feel guilty about it too.

* After the Fall X AO3 FFN
Words: 2300 / Summary: Some acts are understood but never forgotten. Micaiah faces her sacrifices.
Remarks: A fic I wrote halfway in late 2011, then finished and rewrote in 2014 because it is about important things.


* a moment in between | FFN AO3
Words: 265 / Summary: Sometimes the moments that strengthen our connection pass by without commotion.
Remarks: Severa/Noire, for the "things you said" fic meme. I happened to like how it came out.

* Making Peace X FFN AO3
Words: 1400 / Summary: Henry meets Owain in The Future Past under different circumstances.
Remarks: I loved Henry and Owain's TFP conversation a lot. I finally managed to make something out of that love here. This can be pretty intense -- you can hover over the X next to the title there if you really need to know what triggering content is here, but if you don't need to check for triggers, please don't look at the warnings because I feel like it does spoil the effect a little.

- Zombies Don't Kill People | AO3
Words: 1400 / Summary: Zombie apocalypse PTA meeting AU. Because harblkun asked me to.
Remarks: Something silly I vomited out for harblkun, who did these illustrations in exchange.

Justice | AO3
Words: 400 / Summary: “Why do demons kill people?” / “Why do people kill demons?” Itsuki and Sensui: a small piece of their first conversation.
Remarks: (Yu Yu Hakusho fandom) After binge watching through the Sensui arc, I felt the need to write the canon gay and also point out something that bothers me about the series and the demon world.

* avant d'agir | AO3
Words: ~1200 / Summary: A young Leon comes home worn out from matters of state. It's more personal for Zero.
Remarks: I'm really fond of the honesty and goodwill Zero shows to Leon and nearly no one else. I'm also fond of Leon's secret bleeding-heart streak. This fic is sort of about these things.

everything is fine | AO3
Words: ~1600 / Summary: On Monday, Leon carries all of his heavy textbooks in his left arm and wears his backpack slung over his left shoulder, as casual and cool as ever in mirrored form. / Takumi pretends not to notice because he knows Leon hates it when he does.
Remarks: Written for No Shame November because I like sad children and h/c and teenage kisses.

* Life in Reverse X AO3 FFN
Words: 9400 / Summary: Henry revisits his past as he prepares to discard his future.
Remarks: For a long time, I've wanted to write fic about Henry's solo ending. I've also wanted to write fic about Henry's backstory. Several years later I realized that the heightened awareness of the intensity and fullness of a life did incredible things to the weight of facing death, and I merged the two ideas together and got this. I wrote this a few days before I got FE14 (in early July), and proceeded to sit on it for several months because I wasn't sure I liked it and thought it probably needed editing. Then Henry's birthday came around and I decided that I'd be better off posting it as-is.

- The Mysterious Case of the Birthing Curse | AO3
Words: ~10k when done / Summary: After witnessing a strange rash of childbirths around camp, Takumi and Leon desperately seek protection by declaring themselves married to each other.
Remarks: Written for [personal profile] traincat's birthday in No Shame November because FE14 canon can be ridiculous sometimes. Posted in segments, but not really a multi-chapter in my mind.

* tenderness in winter X AO3 (NoJ names) FFN (NoA names)
Words: ~1500 / Summary: Cruelty and kindness, side by side.
Remarks: A Leon/Zero study of trust with a lot of grooming on the side. As the end of 2015 approaches, I think this may be the only fic I've written that captures Zero and Leon with Zero perfectly.

* what you're looking for everywhere else | AO3
Words: ~700 / Summary: In which Leon suffers from intense loneliness and Zero eats his pudding and no one is any happier in the end.
Remarks: A short piece about their inequality.

How to Break a Man X AO3
Words: ~2000 / Summary: Zero grows up with a band of thieves and it's a pretty shit life.
Remarks: I was in the mood for Zero tragedy porn. That said, I'm rather happy with the technique involved in this piece as it's probably the first one I've finished that's focused so heavily on a bunch of hypermasculine characters.

* Twice I said I love you X AO3
Words: ~1350 / Summary: Kamui partakes in empathy/fantasy as she tries to understand the pain of her husband/herself.
Remarks: It's also metatextual commentary if you squint.


- To live in our era / AO3
Words: ~3000 / Summary: Takumi goes home with his vampire boyfriend over winter break. Instead of meeting his family, he becomes acquainted with his two eccentric... thermal companions? heatfriends? and does not understand this vampire bromance.
Remarks: I went from "hey so the devs have said in interviews that FE14 was originally supposed to involve vampires, that makes a lot of sense out of Nohr's eternal night" to "but what if vampires are ectothermic and pile together like snakes" in the course of a few minutes and then I wrote this. Sorry not sorry.

(segmented stories meant to be read in multiple sittings)

Tomo, not as in "Friend" | FFN (Yu Narukami ver.) AO3 (Explicit Souji Seta ver.)
Words: ~10k / Summary: Yu gets a cat. Yosuke's jealous of that cat. It's a more complicated story in practice.
Remarks: (Persona 4 fandom) Complete. Started as an excuse to write makeouts, then ended up saddled with relationship meta. First thing I've posted serially in ages. The Explicit Yu Narukami version of Ch 4 is here. Also, Lily drew this incredibly beautiful illustration for this.

Joining of Worlds X AO3
Words: Estimated 120k when complete / Summary: In the years following the fall of the Phantom King, Leon and Takumi lead their countries through a changing world. In weighty moments in between, they navigate their relationship with each other.
Remarks: Now updating in blocks as I finish batches of chapters. The longest project I've ever undertaken. Explores Takumi's and Leon's difficulties with love and sexuality with a hefty side of character development for the sisters.

(old drafts, abandoned wips, etc; generally of poor quality)

- Life Lessons | 1 2
Words: appx 1000 per chapter / Summary: Stupid fluffy 100% gratuitous low fantasy AU with a cheesy title. Small village, Soren is a schoolteacher, Ike is a patrolman, they meet and cute happens.
Remarks: See summary. It's pretty asinine. Written on a "when I feel like it" basis, which probably means there will be no more installments.

- Lyn's Tale X P 1 2 3
Words: about 2000 per chapter / Summary: In which I, the genius behind the victory at Caelin, recount our tale. Mark? I see my ruse has held throughout the ages. No, my name is Lyn.
Remarks: In part a subversion of tactician novelizations by depicting Lyn's Tale as something masterminded by Lyn. In part the dumbest thing I've ever written under this name.

- Album Challenge: Sharon Von Etten - Epic | Table of Contents
Words: 2200 total
Remarks: A series of drabbles directly inspired by Sharon Von Etten's album Epic (2010) as part of a writing challenge. Flocked because they're not very good. Also, short.

WIP Dump August 7, 2011 | DW
Working Titles: Trust, A Conversation, My Sister Beloved of Those Departed, Vanity, Feral, Summer Training, Fugitives in the Woods

* Crossing the Desert | DW
Words: 12,500 / Summary: A tactician-not-tactician struggles with being left behind. A king dispassionately seeks to profit from his intellect. Things become more complicated when they become invested in each other.
Remarks: This was going to be my Next Big Project back in December of 2010, but I realized after revising the first draft endlessly that it was beset with some serious characterization and structure issues. Tossing out the whole 12,500 word first draft destroyed my momentum.

* Interviews | DW
Words: 1000 / Summary: It's about a couple of things that I think are still interesting. It's about how Soren does all the dirty stuff, and only by this privilege can Ike remain pure. It's about what constitutes a war crime in the treatment of prisoners in the Fire Emblem era. It's about how Lucia must sometimes balance Crimea's welfare and morality at opposite ends of the scales -- and in doing so, Lucia to Elincia serves as either a foil or a parallel as Soren to Ike.
Remarks: An abandoned idea for [profile] fe_contest 16, The Line. It didn't get very far, but I liked the idea.

into the wayward hours | DW
Words: 1700 / Summary: There are certain traits you have from growing up alone. Your life is its own greatest irony.
Remarks: A nearly-complete draft of a Homestuck fic, which was ideally supposed to be about how Dirk pretends to be awesome when he is secretly isolated and sad. It ended up more like 1700 words of aimless moping.

If it's safe at night. | DW
Words: 1000 /
Remarks: This is something I tried to write last November, a modern AU take on Levin's care of Yuria with hijinks with bio dad Alvis and whatnot. I ended up feeling like it didn't explore substantially different ground from Ghost Stories, and the actual part where it was supposed to differ wasn't handled with enough grace to come off in the right way. (Levin's resentment of Alvis was supposed to be reasonable but evidently biased and it was supposed to be a lot of cool tension between two badasses, but instead the scene makes them sound more like bickering teenagers.) I don't precisely remember what was supposed to be soooo amazing about it, so considering that I'm quite happy with Ghost Stories I'm just tossing this one out.

October | DW
Words: 3000 / Summary: Unfortunately for Yumi, the love of her life comes in a package with living in a cellar of a hideout and dealing with one hell of a troubled child. A glimpse of what passes for teen angst in Shishio's faction.
Remarks: I wrote most of this in March. I lost steam in April, and then in July this came out and invalidated half the premise, at which point I just decided to ditch it.

Death Isn't Sad | DW
Words: ~15k words / Summary: Henry does his best to raise a daughter in an era where little is certain. But he can't teach what he doesn't know.
Remarks: This was my other big project in 2013, which I worked on while frustrated with the first draft of Love is Blind. I quit where I did because I realized that what I had wasn't working well enough for something as complex as this was supposed to be, and also that it'd probably work better without the Henry/Ricken angle altogether. There is some precious Dad Henry+Severa floof here, which imo is the only reason to read this.

Fire Emblem: The Three Heroes | DW
Remarks: My assets for a romhack idea I was briefly enamored with in 2011. It was supposed to be about Altina and co. mucking around in Tellius's ancient war that would lead to the Great Flood. But what I have mostly just consists of her getting all femslashy with her secretary.

Assorted Drabbles from Tumblr | DW
Words: 3200 total
Remarks: Assorted drabbles and stuff I had written at tumblr for memes. Archived here on May 2015 because I thought I might be taking my Tumblr down.

Also, it would be wrong to not leave a reference somewhere in here to Suegen, the self-insert fanfic generator I wrote with some friends.