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This isn't out in the NoA version yet so the table format is a little bit redundant, but I love this conversation a lot and it isn't too hard to stick it in a table anyway, so why not.

Conversation 1 )

Conversation 2 )
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For the record, I totally understand why they changed this one, since Leo is being pretty shitty here.

Translated slightly less literally than usual, because the tone is the most important part.

Portraits in parentheses. Azura apparently has two smiling portraits, which is why some are (smiling) and others are (smiling 2).

If you want to just read my translation by itself, it's available here (with Japanese names). If you need context, I've dumped NoA's C-A here (which are on the whole accurate except for a few tweaks to the international tension).

S Support )
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General notes:

I produced the translation I used in this comparison with the intent of conveying the tone of the original support. As such, it is less literal than my usual work and I have not taken the same care to match up every last line break. However, despite being less literal, I feel that this is some of my most faithful work.

You can read my translation in full here. For the sake of completion, the more circulated pastebin fan translation is here.

There are several places where the localization inserted lines, sometimes breaking up one stream of text into multiple pieces of an exchange. A "--" means that that particular version had nothing corresponding to that part in the other version.

The stuff in parentheses refers to the portrait being used. If nothing is explicitly marked, it's carrying over the portrait from the previous line. I think if nothing is marked at the top of a support, it uses the neutral portrait, but don't quote me on that.

Also, my parsing script substitutes "Kamui" for the player name placeholder, which is why you see those random alphabetical characters in the Japanese script. I updated it to "Corrin" in the English script and my translation, but I left it as is in the Japanese script to emphasize that it wasn't a deterministic name.

Also, for the record, every single instance of "love" in this is 愛/ai.

C Support )

B Support )

A Support )
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Background: Per Wikipedia,

Born in Osaka, Japan, into a well-established doctor's family,[2] Yasunari was orphaned when he was four, after which he lived with his grandparents. He had an older sister who was taken in by an aunt, and whom he met only once thereafter, at the age of ten (July 1909) (she died when he was 11). Kawabata's grandmother died when he was seven (September 1906), and his grandfather when he was fifteen (May 1914).

Kawabata Yasunari was the first Japanese writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize. He was once asked in an interview about which piece of his was his favorite. He answered, "Mother."

This is my translation. I finished it haphazardly in about two hours tonight and there were a few verb tenses I didn't understand, but hopefully I've retained enough of its appeal.

Mother )
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I don't even ship Henry/Lissa but this may be one of the best things I've seen out of Henry.

(And I've seen almost everything out of Henry! Though I admit that my strong like here is for biased reasons.)

Cutcutcut )
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The doomed timeline DLCs contain unique father-child conversations! Like, they're different for each kid and father!


(you know what's coming up next, right)

(dude there is legit character development in this it makes me really happy okay)

Translated -- Inigo and Henry )
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My bias is obvious, but there's some pretty interesting dark magic stuff in the Ricken one.

The English column is blank for now because they haven't been localized yet. :P

Harvest of Bonds, Henry to Ricken )

Harvest of Bonds, Ricken to Henry )

Summer of Bonds, the ending of Kellam/Henry )

Summer of Bonds, assorted stuff )

Libra/Henry is pretty cool and I will stick that in its own post at some point later.

Also I think that's four public entries in a row with Henry's face adorning it up top, yikes.
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Behold, the most interesting support set that I wish didn't end in marriage, and that apparently no one else cares about. (Neither its original Japanese was ever fan translated at SF, nor is its localization currently transcribed there.) I don't quite have the time to grind up a Henry/Maribelle S in my no-hetero file for the sake of comparison, so I'm leaving the localization column blank until some SF goon slaves away for my convenience. *shot* (FWIW, C support seems to be intact.)

EDIT 4/12/13: Updated with the English.

But really, their supports are all about fear of death and lack thereof. They're wonderful and you should read them. (Don't be misled by C support!)

C )

B )

A )

S )
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% = Some stuff shifted around between this line and the one above it, because Japanese is hard.

C )

B )

A )

S )
2 EDIT 4/27/13: I formerly thought this line was Henry saying that he won't be fooled again and that Olivia was faking the curse, but that was probably incorrect. See discussion here.
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In which Dheginsea makes some pretty good points in the Japanese.

Spoilers or something )
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If you've ever wondered plot-crucial questions like, "How did Lillia end up with Ashnard?" you should probably check this out. This thing was pretty dramatically different in the Japanese.

Huge Spoilers )
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I took a look for this for a fic I'm working on and thought you all might find it interesting too.

1-8 Vika )
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FE9 Cutscene: United ("The Bonds that Bind Us")

United )
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These are basically everything I found interesting (ie practically all the non-gameplay ones). This is quite long, beware!

Translations )
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The fourth question on this page reads:

Penname: A Sexy Male Thief

Age: 16 Gender: Male


This is a bit of a spoiler, but in your latest work you can have a female thief named Heather join up with you, right?

From Heather’s interactions with Nephenee, Ilyana, and “absolutely wonderful”1 Lucia, she seems to be very fond of girls, but what the heck made her that way?

Does she simply dislike men, or was she traumatized against them and because of that worries incessantly, sleeplessly, and is so troubled that she cannot interact with them normally?

Since I used Heather as my number one unit through the very last chapter, I cannot help but worry greatly about this.

So I ask of you, please, won’t you enlighten me? orz.


She herself asserts that “such is her nature,” so wouldn’t you say she was born that way2?


Translation notes:

1 Not written as a quote in the OP, but the phrase is borrowed from what Heather says about Lucia.

2 “born that way” is admittedly a pretty loaded phrase in English, but it’s a pretty accurate match to “生まれつき” — “by nature” or more literally “by birth”.)
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Partly because I'm curious, and partly because the one thing I can always seem to find the motivation to do is translation.

Strategist )

Fun fact: No one addresses Soren by name in this entire conversation.

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You know what I realized? I realized I never did a nice translation of Ike/Soren A. (Actually while doing this I had vivid flashbacks to doing this translation before, but eh this take is probably better anyway.)


(Obviously I should do this the night before a math exam I haven't studied enough for.)

Ike/Soren A )

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