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I have never been able to keep to a fic update schedule in my life until now.

It's exciting! But I'm also acutely aware of the fact that it's working this time because I have the experience to make it work.

Trying to keep to a regular update schedule means never getting stuck in a rut, knowing how to fix problems with a quick turn-around, and making the right decision the first time--and doing all of these things consistently, on top of that.

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Nohr Thoughts (Aesthetics, Story, SJ stuff) )

I'm presently on Chapter 19 of Hoshido route. So far the storytelling has been significantly better, though Sukesou says it has some of FE13's failings, so I'm trying not to be too optimistic.
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Finished the Nohr route of FE14. Here are my general thoughts. Beware: minor spoilers!

Nohr Thoughts (Gameplay) )

Due to length, I'm going to stick my thoughts on aesthetics and story into another post.
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As I'm deleting my tumblr, I decided to archive the ficbits I only posted on Tumblr over here on DW.

Tiki/Say'ri worship )

Magvel Idol )

Lucina/Gerome storm )

Leonard/Edward comfort )

Virion+Maribelle pastries/baked goods )

Inigo/Gerome dancer AU )

Some Knoll Drabble )

Yukiko/Chie, things you said while we were dying )

Chie/Yukiko things you said after it was over )

The following are for an "AUs I won't write" meme, so they are more summary than fic. Still, I liked some of these, so here they are.

Chie/Yukiko, Yukiko is an actual princess AU )

Ike/Soren veterinary clinic AU )

Henry/Olivia artist/muse AU )

Souyo wild west AU )
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So, once upon a time I was going to write a fluffy story with makeouts and a cat, and I decided to compromise over Name Drama: AO3 and its nest of well-established P4 fandomers could get Souji as they were accustomed to, and FFN would get Yu because I like the name better.

But then things snowballed and I ended up taking the story much more seriously than I had anticipated, and before I knew it, I decided that Chapter 4 would just work a lot better with a sex scene.

Except FFN doesn't allow sex scenes.

Which meant that the actual version of this chapter that I had written, the true version of this chapter in my mind, wouldn't actually be posted anywhere.

So I'm posting this chapter here on DW, home of free speech and all that, to rectify the situation.

Chapter 4 )
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Fire Emblem: The Three Heroes was a romhack project that I was taken with in late 2011. It was supposed to be the tale of Altina and company in the first great war that would result in the Great Flood. It was ultimately abandoned because 1) it was a lot of work and I discovered that I didn't quite care that much about ancient Tellius, and 2) I think I lacked a clear unifying vision that created many problems from the tone not being what I wanted it to be, to having a lot of difficulty picking appropriate names.

Nonetheless, I have a lot of assets on my computer related to this project, so I figured I'd share for the lulz.

Unless otherwise mentioned, everything on this post was by me. Raphi did some spritework and I think I brainstormed with her and Lily. Yeah, I did the music, which is why it's not very good. I probably should've outsourced that to Natalie. :P

Here's the latest version of the patch that survived my brother's computer crash: x
(My brother did all the hacking work. This is actually what got him into FE hacking. Now apparently he's a big-shot in the hacking community.)

It's an FE7 patch. It's a UPS patch, which means you'll have to apply it to the English FE7 rom using the UPS utility here.

It's up to chapter 1, I think. Which means it has basically nothing interesting. The continent highlighting doesn't correspond with the text, and typos abound. Also apparently only Sarita's sprite is in. I legit thought there were more sprites in, but I guess not.

Also the difficulty is more in line with hard modes of the games. I was gonna work on balancing after I had more done.

Sprites )

Script - Prologue )

Script - Ch 1 )

Script - What I remember of what was supposed to happen )

Bonus script -- FE crossover maps?? )

Music )
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Since I went on about not outlining and not committing oneself to a certain version of events, and the time and interest necessary to actually see a project through multiple true rewrites that don't lean too heavily on the previous drafts, here are the extant drafts of what's probably the longest-lived project of mine: "Terrorist AU". For fun.

Take 1 )
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I recently poked a different fandom with an established culture and obviously Tons of Stuff but not necessarily where I knew how to find it. That made me realize that even though I've spent like a decade in this fandom and knowing where all the soda straws are, it may not be immediately obvious to newcomers.


Here's where all our soda straws are.

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The majority of this was written in July 2013. I stopped working on it at some point because I felt (and still feel) that the story is distracted and doesn't know what it wants to be about, a problem probably coming out of the fact that Ricken is central to a series of Dickensesque relationships that pull the characters together, but at the same time Ricken is largely irrelevant to all the moving action on-set. Also, some parts were heavy-handed (and when it was heavy-handed it was cringeworthy) and others were meandering and it just generally was pretty sloppily put together.

At some point a few months ago, I planned to do an overhaul, taking out the Henry/Ricken romantic aspect among other things, but never really got the motivation to start said overhaul. So, since I've run out of interest in FE13 and some people seem to still remember that this is a thing, here's what I had.

Parts that I had marked to be cut are in red. I left them in here because the story isn't coherent either way and some of them are cute in their own right.

Title: Death Isn't Sad
Summary: Henry does his best to raise a daughter in an era where little is certain. But he can't teach what he doesn't know.

Death Isn't Sad )
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Played through P4 for the first time and I know some people wanted to know what I thought so here's my 2p.

Length; Major spoilers in the Story and Characters sections )
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I played Persona 3 Portable over the last week or so. I avoided all the Portable-version story changes, per Lily's advice. Here are some thoughts.

Spoilers )
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Invalidation by new canon is the cruelest fate for a WIP.

So, here's October.

Title: October
Summary: Unfortunately for Yumi, the love of her life comes in a package with living in a cellar of a hideout and dealing with one hell of a troubled child. A glimpse of what passes for teen angst in Shishio's faction.

October )
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I actually like how this one was localized and my overly literal translation doesn't capture the same sense of playfulness, but there happens to be one moment that's relevant to Soren's motives that I'd like to cite in my Ike sexuality essay thing.

Silver Card convo (RD 3-2) )
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This is just one big dry writeup I'm dumping here to reference later in a massive post about Ike's sexuality. (Gascon asked.) I also feel that this will be a useful reference in general when talking about lord romances. Let me know if you have any corrections. (Also, I remember someone at some point wrote a post about bromantic character endings, mentioning the very interesting case of Eirika/Forde. If anyone remembers who wrote that and where, I'd like to link that.)

This writeup assumes basic familiarity with the mechanics of the FE games that were localized into English. There is a relative poverty of links for FE4, because the resources list the script for each (massive) chapter without subdivision and it would be pointless to cite something in FE4 beyond the chapter and participants. You can find the full script here, divided into chapters. In general, you can find most game scripts on serenesforest.

Big table. )
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As commissioned by driftingg on tumblr (who drew my rarepair, yaaay).

As usual, % denotes places where a few lines were merged in translation.

C Support )

B Support )

A Support )

S Support )
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Y'all knew this was gonna happen some day.

That said, I don't think I have that many meta posts about Henry post that I'm proud of, and some of them are lost to, um, the fact that I hardly tag anything on tumblr oops.

So most of this is a translation index.

I. Actual Meta Posts
1. Daddy Henry
a. ... and why it matters.
2. Japanese Orphanages
3. Tiny sad Plegian child sacrifices
a. ... and a follow-up, Torture as a dark mage weeding/creation process
4. Henry's Age
5. Briefly, on the Henry/Ricken supports and why his relationship with Ricken is a first. (Also definitely read the OP's great essay on Henry's callousness in relation to his abuse.)
6. On Henry and sex (For some reason, my most controversial opinion about Henry.)
7. On Henry and self-awareness (in a capslock fangirl screaming post)
8. Henry/Olivia love languages
9. On Henry's internal/external duality and the difficulties of writing him
10. On the belief that Ylisse is weak
11. Henry rationalized as anyone's dad
II. Translational Matters
1. A summary of localization changes to Henry's character
2. Supports
a. Henry/Olivia
b. Henry/Maribelle
c. Henry/Miriel
d. Henry/F!Robin
e. Henry/Panne
f. To-Do List:
i. Henry/Sully
ii. Henry/Cordelia
g. No particular plans to do: (Generally because the localization is relatively accurate and I don't find the details of tone to be particularly important to his character)
i. Henry/Ricken
ii. Henry/Frederick
iii. Henry/Lissa
iv. Henry/Nowi
v. Henry/Tharja
vi. Henry/Cherche (Last lines of S support here)
3. Other Long Conversations
a. Henry/Ricken Harvest Scramble and the tail end of Henry/Kellam Summer Scramble
b. Henry/Libra Summer Scramble
c. Future Past Conversations
i. Henry/Owain
ii. Henry/Inigo
iii. Henry/Nah
iv. Henry/Cynthia
v. Henry/Severa
vi. Henry/Laurent
vii. So that means I haven't done: Brady, Gerome, Yarne, Kjelle, Noire
d. Recruitment
4. Drama CD 2
5. Nintendo Dream Comics
a. Page 1
b. Page 2
c. Commentary Page
6. Misc.
a. Critical Hits
b. Epilogue
c. Robin S support confession (with discussion)
d. Various DLC Battle Quotes
i. Five Anna Firefight
ii. Roster Rescue
iii. Death's Embrace
e. Final Chapter Quotes
f. Shiny Tile Quotes
g. Epilogue, level up quotes, armory quotes, barracks quotes
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I realized that my previous dismissive reply, while probably self-evident to those who have been involved this discussion since even before the release of Awakening, was probably at best pedantic and at worst meaningless to those who have not. So, because this debate has circulated around in snatches of conversation here and there for quite long enough, I've decided to consolidate this into a writeup once and for all.

Cut for length. )

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